The Ultimate Ping List Plugin For Wordpress

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Fresh Ping List Every Day

Never worry about updating your ping list again! Ping List Pro automatically updates your blog once per day with a fresh, 100% tested ping list compiled from our massive database. Let us do the dirty work for you- set it and forget it! Spend less time fussing, and more time focusing on your quality posts and articles.

Avoid The "Spam Trap"

Did you know that by default, Wordpress is set up for failure? Not only does Wordpress send an update to services when you publish a new post, but it also sends a ping whenever you edit a post. If you edit a lot of posts, multiple pings are being sent out which can cause ping services to mark your blog as spam! Ping List Pro fixes the flawed pinging system for all versions of Wordpress.

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Faster, Better, Stronger

Websites come and go. Sites that accept pings are no exception. Sending pings to "phantom" websites can cause delays when publishing or editing a post. Ping List Pro automatically checks the integrity of each site on your ping list once per day, so you're always in "mid-season form".

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Thanks for downloading Ping List Pro! Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas or suggestions for new features. — William Kehl, Creator
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I use Ping List Pro on every new site- It's one of my go-to plugins! — April Davis, Professional Blogger

Never worry about your ping list again. Sign up now for only $3.33/mo!


Download 'Lite' Version (Note: Lite version has limited features)

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